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Germany, Part 7: Cloves With #36

Last night we went clubbing again. This time the venue was very small and decorated with strange clay figures, fish-nets, origami, and American movie posters. Neither Jessica nor I consumed anything of the alcoholic persuasion there. I wore my Gir shirt and black slacks.

All of the favourite people were there: Carson, Uli, Paul, Nina. We left around midnight and though we dined at McDonald's before-hand I lost 3 kilograms dancing throught the course of the night.

They played "Ava Adore", "I Think I'm Paranoid", "Song 2", "Beetlebum", "The Beautiful People" and of course, the German club classics, "Without Me" and "Groove Is In The Heart." With the exception of Eminem, it felt just like a time warp back to 8th grade. They also played the Offspring and the last song of the night was "Creep" by Radiohead. It feels so good to just let loose and dance like that, not giving a shit who's watching or what they are thinking. Just flailing your limbs about for you, that's what life is all about.

One thing I didn't enjoy was the obscene amount of reggae they played while we were there. You can't really dance to reggae, unless of course you're tripping. ("They sure know how to put the "gay" in Reggae!") Outside the club was your usual group of smoker folks, even though smoking is permitted everywhere in Germany, but if you try actually smoking inside the club, you ed up pretty much burning your eyes out. The outside folks usually tend to be pretty nice, but last night they were such dickheads. Everyone who I met over there wanted little more than to discuss politics. Personally, I think politics are a bore, which is why I don't follow certain punk groups and don't like the news too much, especially since after all of the 9/11 stuff. Apart from that, to use the words of Uli, everything was "great".

There was a really lanky buff guy in a baseball cap who was wearing an extremely tight shirt that I couldn't stop ogling. He was smoking Marlboro's, and therefore was named by Jessica and myself, "The Marlboro Man". The whole night, I never saw him breathe a word to anyone, or make any indication that human beings did in fact exist on all sides of him. He just drank his drink and smoked his cigarettes and that was that. I never did end up going over and talking to him, because I was too afraid. I am always too afraid.

Instead, we went to the bar and got two waters, and were waited on by #36. I placed the orders auf Deutsch just fine until he started talking about how there were no cold waters. We asked him if he knew any English, and he did, and all was well. He informed us that if we returned our glasses, we would get fifty cents back per glass.

After we had consumed the waters and were slightly refreshed, had returned the glasses and gotten some more water for free, Jessica got stuck talking to a boy called Tobey who was a giant bore with very poor social skills and even more poor English, so I had to return the glasses on my own. The bartender gave me my Euro and began asking me all of these mindless, small-talk questions and blatantly ignoring everyone else at the bar. He told me that his name was Samba, and that he was from Africa. He gave me his phone number and asked me to please give him a call. He took my hand before I left and told me that he would love it if we could get together for a drink. Samba Pierre LaFosse, aka, the guy I never called back out of fear.

Here's the scary part: he was in his 30's. Now let's see... at Janet's wedding there was the 32 year old bassist who made several attempts to pick up on me, all of which were intercepted by my aunt... there was the infamous 31 year musician from SF who propositioned me in a dirty manner when I was a mere 16 year old, and then there was Sadek, the amazing man who speaks five languages, who was at least thirty, if not more.

So why is Katie getting love from the older crowd? This could be a good thing, as getting married and being taken care of won't be terribly hard. There is also the bad: what if they are already married? At this point, I figure, any man who is thirty or better who makes a pass will get his way and act as a trial. I will see if I like the older man thing, and if not, oh well. Teens and early 20's are all about being with the wrong people. Tonight, we're vegging out, and tomorrow we are travelling to Tanja's aunt's house where we will stay for one night and anything may happen. Her aunt is very sweet. She gave us all ten Euro's, just to have fun with for the night. They finally played the Luniz and it was so reminiscent of 7th grade BYF dances I nearly shit my pants. I remember those dances, wearing day-glo and dancing as hard as you could so your sweat would turn the shirt different colours.

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