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Germany, Part 8: Old People Mosh, Too

The party at Tanja's aunt's house was great fun. We all caravanned out there, but were dismayed to find that everyone there was extremely dressed up. It looked like a prom bomb had exploded in that room. Jessica and I hurried to the bathroom and I ripped off my jeans and replaced them with black polyester pants, which were the dressiest thing I had packed. Other than that, I was wearing a t-shirt with a thermal underneath. It was bayad. Not just bad, bayad.

They served dessert first, and then dinner, both were served in a buffet manner. They had this really good turkey... it was so good! Actually, I'm not too sure what kind of meat it was really, some sort of white meat, but I don't really want to know because it was good.

After that, it was time for drinks. Her aunt wouldn't stop offering us alcohol until we accepted some, so we opted for a glass of champagne. When that ran out, her cousin made us these drinks that we vodka, champagne, and pineapple slices. And when that ran out, vodka-red bulls and screwdrivers. I told him I was afraid, so he didn't put much vodka into my screwdriver, but after I'd had a taste, I took the bottle and dumped a shot or two more in. I was pretty blitzed.

We walked over to Jacelyn's house (her cosmetologist cousin with the baby) and she did mine and Jessica's hair, because she loves doing peoples' hair. Mine was up in curls and I looked like a Moulin Rouge dancer, and Jessica looked like she was going to prom. We walked back over to her aunt's house and entered timidly, greeted by whistles and cat calls from all the old married men in the room. Jacelyn said we looked very different from when we left, and it was true. Until then, I hadn't heat-styled once the whole trip, so one can imagine what kind of horror I was.

We then sang and danced and people laughed at my laugh (the creepy high-pitched thing that it is) and then off to sleep. Woke up the next morning, ate the delicious mystery meat, and went home.

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