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Germany, Part 10: The Departure

Well, got all of my gift-shopping done, bought three bottles of perfume in the airport, two of them bearing the name "Anna Sui". Sui Love and Sui Dreams. Lots of chocolate, overpacked bags, and too many viewings of Monster's Ball later, we arrived home.

Germany was fun, and I will miss things about it, some little and some big, but mostly I am thankful to be home. To be in a room where there is no light coming through the foiled over windows. I will miss saving the butterflies that got trapped in the house, but am glad to be encased in a room that is dim and smells sweet and sour all at once. I will miss the freedom of smoking everywhere but welcome the ability to buy cloves.

I saved three butterflies while I was there and killed one bee. It was overall fun and happy, and there were some dark undertones.

It made me take a look at myself and be ok with the fact that I am 18 and this is my life, even for that short while.

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