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The Germany Diaries

Well, it's done. I have documented my trip to Germany, and anyone who cares can utilise the following links to read all about it. Mostly it was just for my reference, but perhaps there is some sick curiosity out there on the web.

Bold for the skimmers: Does anyone know the title or artist of a song that is electronic and contains samples that say, "I've noticed you around, I find you very attractive... would you go to bed with me?" I've been trying to figure that out forever. They played it at a club in Germany and everyone knows it, but no one knows what it is called, or who it is by. Thank you.

Extra, extra:

Germany, Part One: The Arrival
(Tells the story of our first night)

Germany, Part Two: Cloving And Clubbing
(Our first experience with clubbing + some drunken escapades)

Germany, Part Three: Darkness & DVD's
(Suicidal thoughts and spilled beer)

Germany, Part Four: Drinking As A Family Affair
(Drunken barbecue and fireworks with Tanja's family)

Germany, Part Five: Foreign Exchange
(Bon voyage party for the exchange students who came to Germany)

Germany, Part 6: Tragedy At The Little Kid Party
(The curse becomes apparent)

Germany, Part Seven: Cloves With #36
(Jungle lovin', had me a blast)

Germany, Part Eight: Old People Mosh, Too
(Drunken escapades at posh anniversary party)

Germany, Part Nine: Insanity & Shopping Sprees In Berlin
(Self-explanatory in the title)

Germany, Part Ten: The Departure
(Leaving, reflections and what not)

Thank you.

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