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Waiting For A Sign

It's Friday and I want to go see a cheesy PG-13 Mel Gibson movie about crop circles and aliens. Anyone in Benicia or close enough by want to come with? Going places alone is great but scary movies are always more fun with a crowd.

I also want to go out to dinner and want my wisdom teeth to fall out all by themselves. The only wisdom I am gaining from them is that of dose perfection in painkillers.

Sex. Don't you agree that's one of those words that jumps out at you? It jumps out at me. I was reading a journal and the words "opposite sex" and "drive up" were in the same sentence, and I went, LOOK SEX DRIVE! And then I was disappointed. I am so mentally 14.

It's like that scene from Buffy The Vampire Slayer (the movie, thank you) when she's trying to tell her airhead friends about Meric and the vampires, and she's like, "I've been with this guy..."

And Hillary Swank goes, "Ohmigod! You're having an affair?"

And Nicole goes, "Cool!"

And Jenny goes, "Does Jeffrey know?"

And then she goes, "No, it's not like that, he's old, he's like 50."

And in unison they all go "Eeew!".

Yeah. I wonder if they sell that on DVD. I love that movie. It's ten years old this year. I grew up with that stuff. So good! I even saw it in the theatres and my mom got scared because of the part in the graveyard. She thought it would be all gross and bloody, but it wasn't. It was like, "Duh!"

Heh. Does the word 'duh' mean anything to you? Ha ha. Excuse my reliving the wonderful past.

Oh, and in the movie, she does NOT attend Sunnyvale High. She attends Hemery High, home of the Hemery High Hogs basketball team. The building they used may well have been of some other name, but it was Hemery in the movie.

And another thing I like is that it didn't go overboard with any of this nouveau goth stuff that they are trying to pull. It was just a ditzy movie with very few serious moments at all. Fun stuff is a lot more... well, fun, than dark depressing stuff.

I never kiss and tell.

Ooh, and did anyone 'sides Charlie receive my postcards?

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