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Move Children! Vamanos!

Things are on the upswing. I ordered a pizza and watched Gummo in my living room last night, and Lindsayand Stefan both came over as a surprise, but not at the same time.

Jennifer called me up and asked me if I wanted to go with her to Cher's FINAL TOUR EVER, with headliner: CYNDI LAUPER!!! And so that's what I'm doing tonight. I am so goddamn excited! And I have enough money to buy souvenirs and what not. It's going to be a great show. Cyndi Lauper rocks and Cher is a gem. And how could I miss her last tour ever? I will never forgive myself for missing the Pumpkin's last tour. *cuts wrists open... sews them shut before anyone notices*

Also, I went to see Signs last night, and right after I got to the theatre, I realised that I forgot to call a bunch of people who wanted to go to tell them what time. I got distracted because I had to go to Rasputin's first, and I'm sure that I'm gonna have some pissed off people on my hands.

But anyway... Signs. It was so good! If there weren't ghetto people kicking up a ruckus in the back rows, I probably would have peed my pants with fright. When I got home, two people were there with me, and I still didn't want to turn out any of the lights. The director (who I find really attractive) films in such a way that you're not scared of what you see, you're scared of what you don't see.

If anyone saw Thirteen Ghosts, I bet they would agree that they did a good job and it was a pretty freaky movie, but would have been more freaky if there were less of the ghosts and more left to one's imagination, because your imagination can do so much more damage than one director's attempt at shocking imagery.

Anyway, yeah. Great fucking movie. The cheesy parts are very cheesy, but recognise that in themselves and become funny therefore. It's got tears, laughter, pee-your-pants scary parts, even some gore. Oh! And there's this great part where they show George Bush snorting coke because he's so freaked out!

Actually, there isn't, but would that make you go see it? Go see it, you fools! It's too good to miss. I'm going to make my mom see it with me, she is going to hate me for the rest of my life. Heh.

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