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It's Contaminated.

Guess who just saw Signs for a fourth time this evening?

It was me!

It's going to take at least ten until I get bored. And I'm on an every other day schedule. Not that this is of any real importance.

I saw J.P. at In-N-Out Burger a while back. I don't know what made me think of that, but it was extremely weird. When I last left him, we were both about to be freshman. Then, when I saw him again, we had both graduated, but kept in touch via computer. We met at a camp in Nevada City and since I lived in Benicia and he lived in Vallejo, we decided to keep in touch. Plus, I had Candy's address and he didn't. Candy was this really attractive girl who worked in the kitchen with me, and all of the young boys wanted nothing more than to touch her boobies all summer. I, of course, got very little attention.

The nurse paid attention to me. She told me that 'people with coloured hair often have emotional problems'. Even though this was true in my case, I felt extremely offended by this and wrote her off as an enemy for the entire summer. The head of the camp and she hid our mail from us, because one of the little bitches that worked in the kitchen had cried and carried on about being homesick when she read a letter from mommy.

You know what that girl is doing now? She's the pond-scum of leadership and believes herself to be responsible for doing important things, such as calling upperclassmen and schmoozing when she's supposed to be telling them that they forgot to pick up their prom pictures. I am afraid to pick up mine. It was a $70 package and I think I was making a stupid face and Stefan was making the west-side hand gesture for kicks. My mother would be so pleased. Oh well. She's leaving for Myrtle Beach and while she's gone I can just smuggle them into the house and she will be none the wiser.


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