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Your Legs Are Black And Blue

I almost got into a car accident this morning racing to a certain place that opened at 10.30 to fulfill one of my deepest darkest desires.

I was under the impression that it opened at 9 so I woke up at eight, having gone to bed at two am, still dog tired from waking up at 5.30 am yesterday.

Now I have to fill out applications all day and then there is supposedly some punk show in Oakland that I'm attending with the goon later tonight.

Oh! And your Raspy compilations will be ready for mailing tomorrow, you and I must email one another to exchange address information!

With all the training and stuff that's gonna have to go on, the sad thing is that I may not be able to swing the Halloween trip that I want to New Jersey. I almost typed New Orleans, that's how tired I am!

Speaking of New Jersey, I got to call there and play phone tag, and then Rae, the birthday girl of yesterday, called me back and we talked. I still insist that she is of surpassing coolness. I heart that girl.

Also, any :wumpscut: fans... I want to get some shirts made that say I [heart symbol] :wumpscut: and I know of a place that makes them cheap so long as they're in bulk... how many of you could I count on to send me $10 for the suckers? Provided you like what you see, I'll get pictures up and stuff if I do get them made. What I want is a black shirt, the heart will be red, and the writing will be green. So it'll be a girly shirt. Sue me. I need it. The ones on the website are really bland, [hello, not all people that like :w: are depressing black-and-white only goths!] and no fun at all. But I guess I can't expect every band to have the same sense of humour that Rasputina has and write weird things on their shirts like ":Wumpscut: Rocks Me 1902". That would be cool though...

Anyways... tell me if you're interested and I'm gonna go hunting to see what kinda prices I can find and such, what kind of fonts (I want to use the Wreath Of Barbs font), see if it would be cost-effective to make hoodies since winter is coming, etc.

I think that's about it. One more thing: I think I may quit writing in here for a while, but I bet that'll never hold up.

This here red-headed dizzy peanut has just become one of the happiest people on Earth at this very moment. I have had my hands on, my eyes have scoured through, and penetrating my ears is Rasputina's new EP My Fever Broke.

I love new Rasputina content!

And there's a video of Melora on there. Well, it's of the whole band, but Melora is the highlight obviously.

*scurries off to bask*

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