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And I Know, Yes I Know, But Is This Real?

Surprises are what life is all about.

I got the prettiest package yesterday. Not from E-bay. It was personal, it was from Rae.

It was this itty bitty box wrapped up with purple paper and red duct tape, and a letter duct-taped to the front. Only, when you went to peel it off, there was also duct tape under that so that you didn't have to rip the purple paper. My address was on both the letter and the box.

I unwrapped it slowly, taking in every detail. It was all so wonderful. She makes her a's like a typewriter and stays true to form, using little to no capital letters. I am enchanted. I open the box, which I have been forewarned is very special.

There are stickers stuck to the top of the box, a dentist's office sticker, a bear baking a cake with a "b" on it, an ant (the same stickers I used to use when I was a little girl! I would mark good days on my personal calendar with an ant and bad days would have no sticker, so the doctor could keep track of how things were going!), and a yellow and orange and blue sticker that says, "NEW! Fast Dissolve Cubes".

I look within the box, and there is bubble wrap. I can get to that later. I want to see the envelope. I open it up and there is a letter dated 8.18.02. It's been ripped out of a notebook, and the frayed paper edges have been taped so that the edges are smooth and neat.

The letter is a spill, and I get totally wrapped up in reading it. The way she has written it seems like she and I have been friends all our lives, and rarely do we find the moments to write each other and say what's going on. It is so awesome. I knew I clicked with her for one reason or another. There is also another letter in the box, hand-written on red paper.

It's far shorter, but it's still really cute. It's like a herald, "Hear ye, hear ye, this is what is in your box!"

By this time, my mom is hovering around me like a small house-pet who has discovered his master has bacon. She peers curiously, like I am the adult, and she is the child, and mummy has just received some special mail. She looks at me and then at the box.

She seems flabbergasted. She never sees me get excited about anything, and I'm smiling and laughing and squeaking as I open this box and discover everything inside.

There is a New Jersey shotglass inside, bearing the name "Wildwood" which is a really good song, too. On the bottom, she has written " ♥ rae". At first it looks like she had this etched in, or that she had it put on there specially, but nope. It's in her handwriting, and what looks like nailpolish. It's so neat, though. It doesn't look like you could do that with nailpolish. I hand it to my mom so that she can see and she handles it using only her fingertips. She, too, understands that this is a treasure.

Also in the box, which I thought was a really awesome touch, is one of those 50 cent rings, in the little bubbles with the turquoise, purple, pink and green caps. It's just a coppery gold band with little imprints on it, but great all the same.

Then, after all of the box's contents are gone, you look down at to the bottom, and there is a hand-drawn snail with the caption "snail." in the bottom of the box. I replace the box's contents and scurry off into my room to call Stefan and tell him of the goodness. He agrees that it is surpassingly cool.

"Right on," he says.

So, Rae, THANK YOU! I loved and appreciated your package so very, very much!

It's like the sweetest, most thoughtful package. So detailed. I love it.

Very few things make me smile, but that did. It made me smile until my face hurt.

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