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Cops In Benicia! Watch Out!

There's going to be a million polices in Benicia today, doing crackdowns and pulling over as many people as possible.

I think I might be in San Francisco at some giddy goth club with a bunch of people who are far too excited about it being Friday the 13th. The promoters said, "It's when all the freaks come out."

All I see it as is a herald that Halloween is coming, and that is wonderful news.

I'm not a goth.

Friday the 13th is always exciting though. If only it were a full-moon too. Then the real fun would begin. I can say this much: I'm not going anywhere near Concord tonight.

I want to make a really loud obnoxious noise, but since no one will be around to hear it, what's the fun in that?

Oh! And I was playing with this around 3.00 am last night, and my brother comes knocking on the door.

"Could you please turn that down? It woke me up."

"Sorry." I snarl.

"It's ok." he says. "I just thought the neighbours were fighting."

*explosions of laughter ensue*

You rule.

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