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I've done some thinking and decided it was not wise to delete my journal.

It's surprising how many friends I lost during the course of about 24 hours. Like 5 of them. I want them to know: I didn't delete you! I deleted myself.

Anyway I was feeling like a cross bastard yesterday and went wildly ill. I blocked everyone on IM's. I don't think I did anything with e-mails. I completely locked one of my deadjournals. And I deleted this one.

But now I am back.


I hung with the goon last night & went to a show in Oakland where we had to go keep checking on his car because two blocks down we saw a Civic whose engine had been stolen.

We went to see VX-7 because it is his friend's band. If anyone in the area is bored on a Saturday night (or whenever they's playing next) you should come and see. Even if you don't like that sort of music, the way Gabby sings is entertaining because she has lots and lots of good stage presence & wears dresses made of duct tape along with corsets.

Not to mention there is plenty of eye-candy at those sort of places. Seriously though, eye-candy only. You try to talk to some of the people there, the scenesters and all, and you get blown away by the levels of arrogance you encounter. There was a girl there last night who had a motorcycle that matched my outfit.

Oh! And I actually saw some people I recognised from previous shows. I don't know if I ever wrote about it but when I went to the show at the Pound & met the guy that worked at the four seasons, and his girlfriend, and their two friends. One of the two friends was there! The one that was on the Sony postcard. His name was Mark and he gave me the post-card he was on for a product called "Clie" or something.

Anyway, I am special because I know famous people who are on Sony post-cards and they give me the time of day. I think I should scan the postcard and put it in here for kicks with the guy circled.

I also met a DJ who plays at a lot of the events in the goth/industrial scene around SF, and I would link to his lj, but that might make him feel weird. I will link to it later when I have permission.

Anyway, it was a night of great socialising, and for being the first time I've really left the house in weeks, it was great. I mostly stayed outside and watched people set off car alarms and curse about motorcycles being parked too close together, but it was great all the same.

And remember: if you were never down, you wouldn't know what being up was.

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