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Something Exciting In The Post

I got snail mail!

It was from the lovely miss SoKo and its contents are wonderful.

The packaging itself is a cushioned envelope (why don't they make quilts out of this same material? It would be great) and it is adorned with stamps (the kind you use with an inkpad, not postage) and "Hello My Name Is" stickers.

I opened this layer, and beyond that, there is a CareMail envelope turned inside out, which I thought was a very clever way to mail something fragile. Beyond that are three treasures wrapped in pages of what looks to be a local magazine of her home-town (which I read, and there is this really great and disturbing picture of a man posing with a scary nurse).

I unwrap the treasures, and find three 1920's style shotglasses that are painted in such a way that if you turn the glasses the eyes have depth and they seem to be following you. I thought that it was the three brothers of comedy, Groucho, Harpo & the other one, but when I asked my mom (who may or not be right, but she is older than me) she said that they weren't the same people, but were likely from the same era. They have little phrases on them too, and this is very exciting!

It took forever to come in the mail because anything over a pound has to be searched like a mothafucka. But I love it! Thank you very, very much!

Your Rasputina mixes will soon be on their way :)

I went to Fresh Choice for dinner last night and the server recognised me as "the girl from last week that got him in trouble" and I wanted to die. He said his manager thought it was really funny though.

Last week when we went, he only filled my glass up 3/4ths of the way, and in jest I went and told him I wasn't satisfied, and I would like it if he could finish his job. His eyes grew wide, and he said, "Great. Now my manager is going to take me into the basement and beat me!"

His manager's name is Kevin. I love that name.

I completed my first MP3 mix ever, and boy was that exciting. 9 hours of musical pleasure.

My foot is asleep and I am almost certain that I just cut it open because it just got jammed between a chair and a sharp corner. I should see about that.

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