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Why I Love Erin.

This is a tribute to Erin through her quotes, and I just want her to know how much I love her. She introduced me to livejournal, and she rocks.

As a good friend, however, I am not using quotes from any locked entries.

"i wonder if there is a song entitled 'i want to be nailed to a cross like jesus because of live journal.'"

a haiku:

"i hate live journal
has made my life hell tonight
gonna drink wodka."

"my mom bought diet pepsi but she bought CAFFEIENE FREE. what the fuck is up with that shit? how does she expect me to pull all-nighters on CAFFEINE FREE POP?"

her thoughts on titanic:

"i wish ya'll would turn that boat and not hit that thing. but i guess then you couldn't make the movie."

"current music: Republica - ready to go (to bed)"

"'depends - because you have a lot of living to do.' i think it should say 'depends - because you don't know whether you are going to shit yourself or piss yourself'"

i get so irritated with people who fake being happy 24/7. it is so annoying, i feel like throwing an egg at their face or something mean like that to ruin their happiness.

Did I mention I love this girl?

"i've learned that it takes years to build up trust, and it only takes suspicion, not proof to destroy it."

"my friends are cruel to me. especially the ones who abuse their scanners for the purposes to harass me and taunt me with pictures of french fries and trail mix."

On snow:

"the purpose in life is to have kids, and make them shovel snow OR if you don't have snow teaching people to prepare for a natural disaster"

"one thing i hate about living in a nice neighbourhood is we seem to be the only family withOUT a snowblower so as i am 5'5 struggling to shovel snow heavier than 10 sumo wrestlers this asshole rich guy down the street, who is probably gay (using a snowblower), waves to ME and continues to blow his snow, among other things."

"where is the "naked chef" from? i knew it was england because i talked to ashi about him. i thought he was really naked, but she told me he was just a hairy guy from england."


All hail Erin.

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