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Trust Exercises...

...are scary.

I feel very shiny today because I got buffed. I don't really want to talk about that though.

My friend Christina's boyfriend Mike wants me to dye his mohawk as soon as it grows long enough to be a proper mohawk again. That makes me very happy because it makes me feel like I am renowned. I only met him once and that was when my hair was blonde but I guess he must have seen me at prom with my blood red hair and thought I could do a good job. This is a good thing.

This is the first Wednesday that I didn't get Chinese food. That will be the piece that ruins my whole damn week. If I break a habit I go insane, and I don't like to be insane, and I especially don't like it when I have to rely on other people to uphold my habits. I so can't wait to be independent.

I was talking to Josh and we decided the best thing for both of us to do would be to get the hell away from our parents.. so as soon as I get a job and a mode of transportation we're going apartment hunting in Vallejo. As long as it has two bedrooms and isn't too divey, we're going for it. Lindsay the movie star says she thinks this is a good idea, seeing as how we have crazy families.

Summer of Sam... oooh, ahh, excellent flick. Not like I just now saw it, but I was thinking about how much it rocks. It makes my skin tingle. Ha. Anyone who has seen the David Byrne/Donny Osmond episode of SGC2C knows what I am talking about.

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