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Not Oakland!

Me: He's really sexy. Doesn't he look sexy in this picture?

Lindsay: Katie, it looks all... computer-generated.

Me: I think that's why I like it.

I missed out on a party at Bobby's and dodging Brandon the pedophile who sleeps with but doesn't sleep with 14-year-old girls.

Wow. 14 is how old my brother is. Ew.

I got fired today because I was grumpy, and this woman who I'm always battling for parking spaces with, took my spot today.

So I did a lot of damage to her car, considering it's a Volvo.

And now I am fired.

I find that only slightly amusing since they *just* put me on payroll yesterday. But for the most part it bites.

But I am going to Oakland tonight, and don't have to wake up early tomorrow.

But not having money sucks. And my mom is mighty... upset.

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