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Look At Me Go!

What Non-Annoying Band Are You?

Yes, the picture is huge, but I had to HAVE it! And they should change "Non-Annoying" to "Wonderful And Fabulous"

Only 3 days!

I keep seeing all of these dumb people wherever I go, and they come up to me and say, "Did you know Rasputina is playing soon?" And, kudos to them for being *so* close to me that they know Rasputina is my favourite band, but non-kudos to them for thinking I'm the sort of fan who wouldn't have had tickets two months ago.

Oh well, it's a sweet notion all the same. And, I have decided to be Sister Sarah from Hocus Pocus (You know the blond, Sarah Jessica Parker's character) for Halloween. The costume will be sehr easy now that they sell purple corsets at Frederick's. I just have to sew a bunch of shredded purple fabric onto a skirt that is slit open on all sides (probably by me) to just above the knee, and then make sleeves.

Plus, if I can pin my mom down long enough, maybe I'll even get a cloak out of it. I'm off. I've got some sewing to do.

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