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Happy Birthday Marisa!

Hey Marisa-- Happy birthday today! I have some sad news though, your present will be late in delivery because I had to pay back an old debt very recently, but you will most certainly be receiving something from my neck of the woods :)

One question... how does everyone keep changing their livejournal usernames and getting on my friends list in the same colours, without me doing anything, and very likely, while I am sleeping? Is this some new trick I'm not aware of?

The Rasputina show was WONDERFUL and GLORIOUS. I will post about it tonight when the pictures are developed. Ha! Now that I have a scanner I am going to torture all of you with my photographs, most of which will be politely hidden by a cut-tag, which will also hide the set-list for anyone who doesn't want the bitty surprises of the show spoiled.

Chris-- I hope you have fun on your Rasp. adventure!

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