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Rasputina At Slim's In SF, 10/22/02

I woke by alarm at two pm, after staying up late and fretting over hair and costume, but decided not to worry. If I looked like a horrible hag, which I did by the end of the night, then it was meant to be.

I put more dye in my hair than was necessary, let it take hold, and then showered. I blow-dried my delicate, over-bleached hair that was still a less-than-satisfactory technicolour shade and put in curlers. I put on some pirate-like striped tights and some lop-sided homemade bloomers beneath a corset I got from Frederick's Of Hollywood. I would post pictures of me and Stefan pre-show, but my mom has custody of those and I don't know how to work the digital camera.

I found it...

We arrived at the doors of Slim's at 6.30 pm, and the doors opened at 7. Nevertheless, there was already a line beginning to form. We surveyed the line, and I recognised Sean from the last show.

"Sean?" I said. He looked at me, and turned his head away quickly.

"D!" He shouted, and so appeared the wonderful face of Dina, my other homie from the last show.

Dina comes and talks with Stefan and me for a while, and before long, she, Sean, and Sean's mother have joined us, and we chop it up in a merry fashion.

There is much excitement as the time passes and the doors open. Dina, Sean, Stefan and I run to the stage, as soon as we're in, guarding our posts like pit-bulls, and with good reason.

After some ado and some poster purchasing (that's right, there are three posters for sale on the tour right now, and the entire set of trading cards, featuring Melora and the other two lost souls), we settle down and the first band comes out. They are called Stara Nova. They are very mellow and melodic and I find them very intriguing. Their style seems a bit Bjorkian, and to top it off, they thank Rasputina profusely for letting them play with them.

After they're over, the crowd is getting a bit uppity. There are mutters of impatience through the room. They were really mellow music and everyone's platform shoes are starting to pain them.

The second band comes out. They are called Faun Fables. They're from Oakland, CA, my favourite place in the whole world (uh-huh!). They are quite entertaining, opening their set complete with a train skit and props. Lucky that they were a bit more lively than the last band, or everyone would be sleeping.

They make the crowd laugh, their female singer sings operatically and gives the crowd chills with the power of her voice. They realise that the crowd will start to riot if they don't see Rasputina soon, and they vacate the stage.

The good people of Slim's lower a curtain which makes it impossible for the majority of the club to see what's going on on-stage. Lucky me, off to the side, could see everything that was going on! I poked my eager, yellow head around the stage and was able to capture the group while they were setting up, before the curtain was raised, before the cheering commenced.

(Notice how *fresh* Melora's hair looks here, and how the curls fall out by the end of the show. Someone backstage had a door open.)

A few moments before Rasputina enters the stage, I hear voices calling my name behind me. It's Sophie, another homie from the last show, and our friend Trent. Trent motions for me to go back there and join them. I wave stupidly, determined not to leave my post.

As I find out later, Mark was also there.

They enter the stage, I am able to hand Melora a tape that one of the fans made, and we exchange a few words. I feel bad because I have no gifts for her this time. The girl to my right rips off her headband and gives it to Melora.

The curtains lift, and the crowd goes insane.

They open the show with "Trenchmouth", and Zoe looks extremely nervous. She keeps looking over at Melora to make sure she is doing everything right."

The second song they perform is "Crosswalk". Before they start, Zoe looks like she's going to have a heart attack. Something is wrong with her cello! As it turns out, it sounded funny because she stepped on the cord, and half of the amp-wire was loose. Tee Hee!

Next, came "Howard Hughes". I know plenty of you will disagree, but I liked the way K sang back-up a lot better than Zoe does. She puts no feeling into it, and it's barely audible. Plus, she was nervous.

Then, Melora stopped to talk about her immaculate conception. She asks the audience if they know how this is possible. The audience stares sort of dumb-founded. Melora exclaims, "He came on her leg, ok?!" From that, they play "My Orphanage".

Next, they play "Hunter's Kiss". This one is a big favourite with the crowd. The drummer REALLY gets into it, and starts making funny faces. It's great. He was also wearing silver glitter for lipstick. For one crazy eighth-grade minute, I think it's because I, too, wear glitter for lipstick, and I have a psychic connection with the band. IF ONLY! Ha! I am so dumb and star-struck at this point, I just lean on the stage and stare at Melora's ringed toes.

Then they play "Sweet Water Kill."

Next, Pat Benetar's "Fire & Ice". Melora goes from song to song, a lot of the time not saying her jokes in-between.

After that, she stops and asks what everyone's sign in. Everyone shouts theirs, and she gives them a minute to shut up, and then says, "That's very interesting. Zoe here is an Aquarius. I'm an Aries, and this two-faced Gemini over here is Harry Potter, and he doesn't believe in this kind of shit because he's a wizard!" They then play "Sign Of The Zodiac". Finally. Harry Potter and Rasputina in the same room! Rasputina mentioning Harry Potter! It is like Heaven.

Then comes "Things I'm Gonna Do"

After that, they play "Remnants of Percy Bass". Jonathan has very little to do in the beginning of this song, so he makes flirty eyes with many of the females of the audience, and even winks over my way. Stefan insists that Jon was winking at him.

Melora tunes her cello and it sound similar to the beginning of "Rusty The Skatemaker" The crowd cheers, and she blushes and says, "You like my tuning?"

Then she starts talking about how you can't know people you don't know, and how it's hard to even know the people you do know, much mumbling, a bit of stalling for time, and then BABY GOT BACK! She even trilled the "r" in "sprung" just like last show. That launches directly into "State Fair".

After that, "AntiqueHighHeelRedDollShoes" starts, and has to stop. There is now something wrong with Melora's cello! OH NO! With a quick adjustment of her pedals, everything is ready, and they start over.

They then play "Rats" and I get all excited because that song makes me want to swing my hips all over the place. Lucky for the people around me, I refrained from this. After this (I think, my memory is all foggy) Melora requests question time. Someone asks for an autograph, and she says, "Sure, meet me after the show." HOW SWEET! Her favourite colour is Robin's Egg Blue, and the other questions were deemed too assinine.

After that comes "Wish You Were Here". I feel sad for Melora because it does not look like she is having very much fun this show. It just looks like a lot of hard work for her. I am simultaneously sad and grateful, because she is right here, playing for the fans, even if it's not much fun.

After this, they play a medley style mix of a 'total t-shirt' version of "Transylvanian Concubine" which is followed directly by "Rock And Roll"

Melora picks up her notebook and cello, and leaves the stage. The other two follow, and no one in the crowd moves. I hear one of the guys behind me say, "I'll trade you this nice poster (it was the $10 poster) if you trade spots with me. Free poster!" The guy with whom he wants to trade doesn't budge.

Suddenly, Jonathan is back onstage, shirtless and sparkling, and he is drumming away like it's a parade. The crowd rejoices. ENCORE!

They play "Brand New Key", and everyone has forgotten about being polite and they start rocking out, ocassionally bashing the people next to them. There are tons of corseted, gyrating bodies all over. It is a pervert's dream.

From that, they play Leechwife. I peek over to see Sean and Dina. I can only see Sean over the crowd, and he is *loving* it. I flash him a thumbs-up and he sticks out his tongue and waggles it before launching into a passionate singing-along. I smile. Everyone in the crowd is happy.

The last song of the night, ("This is really the last song we will play... forever!" number 19 if you don't count Baby Got Back, is "Bad Moon Rising". To tell you the truth, I didn't think there was much you could do with that song, but as always, Rasputina was amazing and totally re-vamped it into a new favourite from an old classic. The crowd goes insane once more, Rasputina thanks them, and they exit the stage...

Isn't she beautiful when she bows?

...and so, the show ends.

There is much hugging and loving with Dina and Sean, and then they must depart because of suppressive school responsibilities. Dina gives me $11 and tells me to get whatever merchandise I can. I pick up the $10 poster and give the extra dollar to a homeless man who sings "My Girl" and "Let's Get It On" to Stefan and I as we walk to our car.

We stay around, and the lovely creatures that are Raspy emerge. Zoe has a look of surprise on her face as she says, "Hey, it's my DAD!" and she runs up and hugs an older man. Her hair looked wonderful that night. It almost made up for her lack of back-up vocals and her nervous performance.

I get autographs from Jon and Melora for Dina and Sean, and then comes the happiest moment of my life:

My corset is covered by my jacket and I look like a hag, but I don't care! Me and my creamed-corn hair are with MELORA!

I still look like something the cat dragged in, but Jon is all sexy and lanky in true rockstar fashion.

Zoe, Dawn from Faun Fables, and myself. I realised later that I look like I have to pee in this picture. *smacks forehead* Oh well. It was my shoes. They were new, pirate shoes.

No more pictures, I promise.

Anyway, there ended the most magical night of my life thus far.

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