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And I Wonder Who's Loving You

What's your brand of sexy?

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I need to finish my fucking quiz on quizilla. And when I do, I will expect you all to take it.

So I have a question. What are some of the things that every house has?

When I move out, I want to be prepared, so I am getting all of my house stuff together first. So tell me, what does every house have? I have compiled a list of things I have thought of already, and the ones marked with asterisks are the things I already have, and the ones marked with plusses are what would help to make the living situation ideal.

-coffee machine
-trash cans
-coffee/dining/end tables
-pots and pans
-silverware holder
-curlers/curling iron/crimping iron
-table for the backyard
-ashtray for the backyard
-christmas lights/ornaments
-sleeping bags
-bathroom rugs
-fire extinguisher (one for each floor)
-baking sheet
-can crusher+
-litter box
-filing cabinet
-fire-proof safe
-mattress covers
-a surround sound system+
-toilet lid covers (the furry kind!)+
-magazine rack (for guest bathroom)+
-air freshener
-a Webster
-cat bed+
-cat food dishes
-Brita water filter
-tiki torches for backyard+
-can opener
-sewing machine+
-ironing board
-laundry baskets
-space heater*
-earthquake survival kits (one for each floor)
-TV trays+
-communal computer/scanner/digital camera+
-power strips/extension cords/surge protectors*
-toilet brush

It might be overkill, but I want to be prepared. On November 16th, I am going to pick up the job hunt again. If I work full time for $10/hr, I can make something around $1,200 a month, and that will cover my cost of living. My monthly cost of living is an estimated $1,125 a month.

I have it all worked out. Now comes the tricky part: making the money. And for a while I will also be able to have no fun at all. No trips, no frivolous trips to the record store with friends, no late night shows.

Deposit will be something around $500. Though it will be a lot of fuss and stress, I am looking forward to it in a most intense fashion. If I feel a maniacal urge to open and shut the door while humming "In The Hall Of Mountain King," I can. I can go drive whenever I need to. I can do almost anything at all, just as long as I'm making the bread.

How to go about getting the bread without going insane, however, is the trick. I was brought up a spoiled and lazy child.

Maybe I should be a rockstar. You don't need any talent for that these days, and you make loads of money. All you have to have is a prominent skeletal structure and bleached hair.

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