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He's Sweet Sixteen!

Happy sweet 16 to Charlie!

May it be filled with lots of beautiful people and experiences!

I really want to go to Popsikle 4, but I am terrified of driving to the city, and my most common partner in crime, Stefan, is whining because he thinks $35 is too much to pay for a rave. He won't drive me there if he's not going with me, and all of my raver friends are off in college.


It's at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, which is this huge place, and that means that it's going to be awesome and worthy of the money, and mostly indoors. Who could say no to that? With the way things are going, I may not even be able to afford tickets, but just the thought of acquiring the tickets, and then having to miss out on it because I can't get to the city pisses me off like no other.

I am way too scared to drive there myself. It is like an obstacle course. Stefan's driven there millions of times, he knows what he is doing.

Also, now that I'm going, he won't not go, because supposedly he has this bad past with raves, and now he says he's gotten over that, he wants to go to every one that I go to.

I wish I was back in Germany. It was like two euros to get into clubs that lasted till dawn and played all sorts of crazy music. I do not miss the plumbing there, though...

Too bad Denise, Saint John, and MARS & MYSTRE will be there (not in Germany, at Popsikle)! Plus, it has a Halloween theme, even though it's a couple days after that.

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