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Whoever You Are, I've Got My Light On

Halloween. I was a fairy. Shutup. It sucks that this holiday has completely lost its lustre, and there is nothing to do that isn't stupid or overdone. It would have been lovely to at least have gotten a little boozed up, but what ended up happening was us driving around, getting dinner, looking for Christina, etc. We tried calling a bunch of people but everyone over 18 has given up on this holiday. I suppose we're being immature, but whatever.

I got the job at Cold Stone. You know what this means! I am going to start blowing my money on weird things and buying near-strangers paid accounts again! I made a picture that I really liked that said, "yay! I got the job. banana telephone repairman!" and then my parents' computer ate it up all gone :/ I am so glad I don't have to share with them any more. They just spent almost a thousand dollars getting a new hard drive and everything, and already there are a million error messages when you start the computer, there is loads of porn riddled with viruses semi-hidden on Kazaa thanks to that little asshole Chad... etc. I am going to laugh so hard when it crashes again, loses all their stuff (including all of their digital photography and what not, because he's a retard) and then they can't TRY AND PIN IT ON ME! Then I will laugh and say, "I told you so! Your stupid son is a destructive fucker and you guys are going to sink MORE money into that computer, and he's just going to do it again!"

And he will. Until they wise up and take my advice and make it impossible for him to do that shit, it will be a vicious cycle of fucking up.

I have to wear khaki pants to work to train. What the fuck? Do I even own khaki pants?

Also, I saw two lovely ladies on my friends list were talking about something called NaNoWriMo, and I thought it was some sort of Japanese writing contest, but it turned out to be tons more interesting. I got so intrigued that I signed up and am using some of my first pay check to chip in to the website. I'm very excited. I just hope I can do it! And that I don't make too big of a fool of myself. Oh yeah, and if you care, you too can follow my NaNoWriMo progress at this journal here: don't expect anything more than lots of words.

And, a huge thanks goes out to you for giving me the info. You rock my socks the hardcorest.

Wow, that was skill!

I was going to write more and post a picture but have decided not to torture you.

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