July 27th, 2001


Nordic and Japanese?

Aaron tried to guess what my nationality was and he said, "Hmm, let me guess, you're Nordic and Japanese."

I must have been smiling a lot that night, because I've never been called Japanese before, and I look Asian only when I am smiling, except I am pale as hell and have blue eyes.

I know for sure that I am Icelandic but that's the only thing I know. I should get in touch with my birthmother so that I can know my damn heritage. All my life I've had Irish pride but what if it turns out later that I'm not Irish at all?

Damn, this is confusing. For once I'd like to be sure of something, especially something so... deep... as my heritage.

Lindsay said some things tonight that were disturbing but true and now I feel weird. I really hope that doesn't mean that the universal goodness is dwindling. Off to work on my rheum more.

i know i'm a whore

Shame On Me

Ha ha! Eye-candy for ya mutha.

What a pretty boy he is.

In a way, he kinda looks like John Travolta. That's just weird.
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