January 6th, 2002



I went to Rasputin's last night and picked up six CD's. One was for Stefan, I can't remember what the hell it was called though. The others were The Virgin Whore Complex (which I've been looking for since like 1996), Fault Line, Tracy Bonham, Trainspotting, and Machines Of Loving Grace.

I also went to Lindsay's, where she gave me something. Three things actually. One was a pack of neon markers, another was a very exciting HARRY POTTER tin sign with Snape on it, and the other was... confidential. Ha. I love her, I love her good.

And before that I got nothing accomplished. I want to clean my room like I always want to do, and before the Christmas holidays it was almost done. Then a hurricane of guests came through and my hopes of cleanliness were blown to pieces.

Oh well. I think I am going to go and get some lunch and then go into my room and sleep or something. I'm so tired! But I've been doing remarkably well considering I've been off meds since before Christmas and nothing has happened.

Oh yeah... I have concluded that there are a few ways to tell whether or not someone really loves me:

*They give me a shotglass or some piece of Harry Potter paraphernalia
*The time that has passed means nothing
*I've known them for longer than two months
*They know exactly how to cut me to the quick, but never do it
*They support me in all of my endeavours, even the ones they don't approve of, just because it will make me happy.

I feel safe in New York City.

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ghiya noslis


Ok, so I'm always bitching about wanting to clean my room. Now I have a real reason to. My mother says that if I clean it up so that there's nothing on the floor (and if I remove the auxiliary bed *grumble grumble growl*) that she will buy me...

A Harry Potter comforter
A set of Harry Potter bedsheets
A set of Harry Potter pillowcases

I must clean, like there is no tomorrow.

I forgot what else I had to say.

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