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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Wednesday, January 9th, 2002
1:22a - Oh, The Novelty
If you are not Lindsay or Jessica, you will probably not find the following as funny as I do.

First, I have to tell you the part that's not that funny: I have silver fingernails.

Here's the funny part: Stefan agreed to watch Moonwalker with me. Yes, the Michael Jackson movie. I didn't even have to push or shove, he just said, "Yeah, we can do that." Knowing full well that it's a Michael Jackson movie.

That's comedy.


current mood: hyper

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1:32p - The Secret To Happiness, Lesson One:
Drool on yourself and chirp happily at every possible opportunity.


current mood: giggly


4:57p - In Order To Gain, You Have To Sacrifice...
I went to the Wherehouse today and checked back in about that application I filled out exactly a week ago today. I talked to a young man named Bryan who said that it wasn't in the back, nor was it in the front, so the manager probably had it with him. Now I am supposed to go back on Saturday between two and four and he told me that my hair colour wouldn't be a problem.

I would really like to work there. The employees I talked to seemed really nice, but there is a small hitch. The guy who I gave my application to recently quit, so if he did something with it besides giving it to the manager or whatever, I am screwed because he is gone. I can always fill out another application, but I hate those things.

I am set on getting a job pretty soon here. If I don't I am gonna be screwed for this summer, because the tour of Europe I'm hoping to go on will cost a pretty penny, and what if my parents make me start paying rent or something of that sort? And what about all the useless shit that screams at me from store-shelves, "Katie! BUY ME!"?

If the higher powers at work have any mercy, they will let me get this job. Being around music all the time will be good for my soul. Well, I have to go get ready for group, only to report that I have been doing totally swell off of all of my former meds.

And then I have to rent a movie or two.

And then I am going to visit Stefan.

And then I am going to come back here and write about my addiction that is similar to one for crack, yet not nearly as serious.

Once the piece is written I will print out copies for skool tomorrow, and then I will probably post it in Mad Ravings.

Because that's how my life is.


current mood: excited


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