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Wednesday, January 16th, 2002
1:05a - Three Monologues...
I have to do three monologues for Drama. Two of them were taken from the movie SLC Punk, one regarding what fighting's all about and the other proclaiming that American punk rock is better than British punk rock. I wouldn't know, that music's not really my speed. And I have no fucking idea to get the other one.. so you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna go back through a bunch of YOUR entries, and then pluck one and use it for my drama class. I hope this is ok with you. I'll credit the hell out of you, and I bet my drama class will like it.

You on the other hand, probably think I'm an evil plagiaristic bitch or that I am insane.

But I am desperate. Finals for that class are Thursday!!


current mood: desperate

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2:36p - E Q W X Z
Yeah. I think I am taking my monologue from Hercorpse-- she has this wonderful entry about butterflies, it's the most magical thing I've read in a long time... and that's because it stems from the ordinary.

But I am still waiting for the OK from her. I might also use Wedge's entry about putting all of her emotions in little jars and burying them in the hills of Nevada, or Erin's rant about the rich guy up the street with the snowblower.

If any of you guys have an entry that could be stretched to fit about three minutes, when spoken aloud, please leave me a link to it in my comments box, because I might not be authorized to take any of the three I just named... and I'm still looking through everyone else's... there's just so much to choose from.

And I have to clean out my car, clean my room, go to Concord, and be in bed by ten. Finals are tomorrow. Bleh! At eight am. Again, BLEH!

This entry is turning into a pile of crap.



current mood: nervous

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