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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Monday, January 21st, 2002
12:12a - Do You Know What Time It Is?
Time for me to get your number!


current mood: crazy

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12:33a - For Anyone Who Has Ever Wondered:
On August 21st, 2001, Lindsay said: ok, so...what the hell does 5000 mean? inquiring minds want to know.

Then Mya said: I'm thinking its a reference to

"AUDI 5000 G"

Kinda like Outtie 5000 or I'm out.....

Then I said: You are correct!! (Tell her what she's won, Johnnie!!)

Yeah-- I stole that line from the movie "Groove" because I heard the guy who plays DJ Snaz go "Hey man, I'm Audi 5000" and I thought it was COOL! Much better than just "I'm Audi" a la "Clueless" 1996.

So yeah, 5000!!

What better way to say goodbye than to spout a four digit number, no?


current mood: nerdy

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2:08a - Pudding And Absinthe
she's gulping down mountains of pudding
and gallons of absinthe
sitting at a wobbly table
in the middle of a seedy truck-stop restaurant
on the outskirts of Columbus, Ohio
and suddenly, she has found happiness
The waitress has yellow teeth and pineapple earrings
That match and clash in a strange manner
But gives her comfort and pats her on the back
When she refills her coffee cup,
The waitress calls her "honey"
Like the mother she never knew
She starts to cry amidst the grease and body odour of this place
As she realises that no matter where she goes
She's always going home
Which has always been
A place she's never seen
A place she's never known


current mood: dirty


2:41a - Smoking And Drinking With A Cute Haircut And Small Ass
This song always reminds me of good times and teenage rebellion.

Walking around the house in your underwear in an over-sized button down shirt.


current mood: mischievous


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