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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Friday, March 22nd, 2002
2:25p - La De Da De Da De Da De Da
Today is a special day...

And that's because it is the birthday of my homeboy, Jesse.

Happy Birthday Jesse!

For you:


current mood: rushed

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4:51p - Fit For The Kill
Positronic Humanoid Optimized for Efficient Battle and Exploration

Kinetic Android Trained for Infiltration and Exploration

Me and my mom went prom dress shopping and I found one that I liked... I feel like I am going to cry... she got so paranoid someone else would get it that she reserved it and we haven't even looked around-- we only went to one store... it's a pretty dress but just the fact that it's so final and locked in gets under my skin. I feel like the first thing you find can never be the perfect thing you want.

You'd think I'd feel good about this. But I don't-- it's my senior prom and everything is supposed to be perfect-- maybe I'm putting too much stake in it, but it is my LAST of LASTS!!

Plus, I'm upset that I'm renting it and I can't keep it. I always keep my stuff I hate renting it.

Prom makes me cry and it's not even here yet.


current mood: distressed

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