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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Saturday, April 13th, 2002
6:56p - Pictures Of Him In My Mind...
AAAH! I couldn't post yesterday. So, here is what I am still dizzy about. I got the new Rasputina album "Cabin Fever", and I love the hell out of it. 15 tracks of pure Ladies Cello Society indulgence! It sounds a lot different than their earlier stuff, but not so different to where they sound alien. I also got the Girl, Interrupted DVD. They should have left the deleted scenes in, that way it would have been a bit truer to the book. The movie was a total perversion of the book.

Today, I went shopping with my mom and my aunt, and I got these AWESOME boots, Edward Scissorhands-style. They're black wanna-be leather, come to the knees, and have buckles all the way up! I love them. I got a new black dress, 50's style, flared at the bottom and sleeveless, along with a little black skirt, a new middle-digit ring, a green corduroy army jacket with German flags on the sleeves, a thumb-ring, and some earrings for prom.

My new boots look a lot like this:

We also had lunch at Fresh Choice (& I was parked next to a blue WRX!!) and I'm going to rent a Jada Pinkett movie tonight with Stefan.

Overall, today has been a wonderful day.

Oh, and I discovered something about my car stereo: when I am playing Basstoy's "Runnin'", the bass is so powerful that it rattles my sideview mirrors, much the way the T-Rex in Jurassic Park rattled the water in the cup when he got out of his compound. It is truly wonderful and magnificent, rocking my casbah all the way to the ground! I have discovered the true meaning of "bumping the stereo".


current mood: ecstatic

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7:19p - I'll Come Running...
Yee Yee!!! Thanks very much to the wonderful Christelle for hosting my stars! I found that we are both very much in love with blue.

I am quite the happy camper now!

She's responsible for making my journal beautiful. Come see!

Oh, and go say hello to her. You'll have fun :D

Woo woo! Thanks so much, so much! You can have my first-born if you want it! Heh. Goodnight all.


current mood: ditzy

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