May 22nd, 2002


Nonchalant However Important

Mad About You

Feel the vibe, feel the terror, feel the pain
It's driving me insane
I can't fake, for God's sake
Why I'm driving in the wrong lane
Trouble is my middle name,
But in the end I'm not too bad
Can someone tell me if it's so wrong
To be mad about you?
Mad about you.
Are you the fishy wine that will give me a headache in the morning?
Or just a dark blue land mine that'll explode without a decent warning?
Give me all your true hate
And I'll translate it in our bed into
Never seen passion, never seen passion
That is why I am so mad about you
Mad about you
Trouble is your middle name
But in the end you're not so bad
Can someone tell me if it's wrong to be so mad
About you
Mad about you

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    Hooverphonic - Mad About You