May 23rd, 2002


I Feel Dangerous

Never in a million years could anyone begin to guess what I did last night.

Or who I was in the company of.

Or what I witnessed.

I came home and found a letter in my box. Of the email style, of course. Very nice, I must say.

Nothing he did made me feel uncomfortable

Hopefully, if it is all right with Tanja, Jessica told me that I should go to Germany with them. For about three weeks. My mom is all for it, and said she'd pay as a graduation present. I just hope it works out.

Then there is the never-ending list of other stuff to do... or other stuff I want to do, at any rate.

*Los Angeles
*Santa Cruz and of course

Lindsay went over to Stefan's this morning to talk to him about coming to Disneyland with us this summer. She also asked him why I was mad at her. (I'm mad at her?)

He then proceeded to interrogate her about a certain boy who has caught my eye.

Her response? I'll tell you if you tell me.

Am I really that hard to get a hold of?

So what if I've been spending all of my time with a variant group of only three people?

So what it took like two years and shit.

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