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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Monday, June 24th, 2002
12:48p - Happy Birthday, Mr. President...
*blows kiss*

Happy birthday, to you!

Happy birthday, John!!

May it be filled with lots of fun adventures and many beautiful things!


current mood: chipper

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10:57p - Designed In The USA
Random wonder abounds.

Tonight I had a night of solitary... and the people who I came across restored my faith in humanity. I just hate the fucks that make me want to jam glitter into my eye sockets so I can see the world as beautiful.

The woman in front of me at dinner gave me her coupon so that I could get it for half price.

The woman ringing me up took the coupon and added another 40% off.

The woman that rang me up at Michael's gave me a discount on my entire purchase even though only one of the items I bought was fucked up.

I got to use the bathroom at a place where it's supposed to be customers only without buying anything.

And Sadek, the amazing man from France who speaks five languages and lives to serve, kept the napkin on which I left him a thank-you note after dinner.

It said, "Thank you, Gracias, Grazi, Danke, Merci! Good Night, Guten Nacht, Buenos Noches."

He speaks French, German, English, Spanish and Arabic.

He even came outside on his break to thank me, and he asked me to return sometime so that we could visit.

Some kid on a bike was doing tricks for me while I smoked my clove, and these nice boys who told me I was too pretty to smoke honked at me and waved goodnight.

All of this after a nervous breakdown earlier.

My eyes may fill up with tears, but it looks like stars when I open my eyes.


current mood: enchanted

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