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Thursday, July 4th, 2002
4:01a - I Whistle Down The Wind
First of all, livejournal is being a cockmaster and not letting me play with my icons. Ha. That sounds dirty. Yes, Katie, I forbid you to go anywhere near your icons, unless you're by yourself.

Secondly, I just had to post about this amazingly flattering wonderful fascinating comment someone left in my journal. I was talking about how journals are interesting for two reasons, and they said:

"oooh, your journal is both. i'm very addicted to it. i read often! i think i luff you. you're the superslinkest, most pounceable thing. you're very interesting. you're like eating chocolate covered espresso beans or blasting a good mix tape. and i just couldn't resist posting a comment any longer. hehe much luff and doom to you! -[theiremailaddress@here.com], someone you don't know..."

It made me feel so wonderful inside. People I don't even know about are paying attention to me (and apparently, enjoying it) without force. Isn't that wonderful? I emailed them, asking all sorts of questions. It's so exciting and mysterious. Someone likes my drivel! Thank you mystery person!

Third, you are in trouble. I need that disc, mayan.

And finally, Mya had to work tonight, so I ate at Fresh Choice by myself (and ended up smuggling her food, heh, aren't I so devious?). Sadek, the man who speaks five different languages, was there, and he saw me come in, waved to me, and took my tray to a table for me. "I'm very glad to see you tonight," he said. He says a lot of things that I can't really make out because of his accent, and I noticed tonight that he has cataracts or something. I feel bad, something is wrong with his eyes (which explains his positivity toward me). He was very attentive, and offered to get everything I needed and wanted for me. I politely refused, as the point of a place like that is to do it yourself. Anyway, at the end of my meal, he asked me how old I was, and where I lived.

Then he asked me if I had a phone, because I don't come in enough and there is so much time between our visits.

I got really scared and avoided his eyes until I was gone. I don't know if he asked for my phone number (like I said, I can't understand much of anything he has to say) but he said he can't wait to see me again, and was sad that I didn't come in last week. So, I decided to do the polite thing. I wrote my phone number down on a napkin in case he caught me while I was leaving and asked for it. He didn't, however, but I was still very shaken. Not that I don't appreciate it, but for some reason it frightens me. Such as, I don't know why I am so special.

I think I'm going to start eating at my Chinese food place again. This way, there will be no misconceptions, and no hurt feelings.

That's all for today's adventures. Stefan is on the phone and I am being rude and keeping him waiting.


current mood: curious

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2:31p - My New Favourite Comedienne
Alrighty kids, this time I have truly stumbled upon a treasure, and her name is Essa.

Check this out, direct quotes, guaranteed to bring lots of laughter into your life. Hey, it worked for me. This girl is effing awesome. And you can thank Ms. Hill, queen of German engineering for helping me do away with my use of the real 'f' word.

Anyway, Essa's genius:

"I had problems as a child, let me tell you. I misheard lyrics all the time...

When I was a little kid, I used to think that song, "Too Sexy" by those bald dudes named Right Said Fred was weird.

The reason I thought it was so weird was because I didn't know what the hell a catwalk was and so I thought he was talking about a cat box instead. I also used to mishear words a lot so that left for some very interesting lyrics.

Original lyric: "On the catwalk, on the catwalk, I do a little turn on the catwalk" (something to that effect)

My version: In the cat box in the cat box I poop a little turd in the cat box

Another one was the "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" nursery rhyme...

Let me just say...I was quite confused by the fact that Mary could grow goddamn TACO shells in her garden...."

Isn't that the most golden thing ever? Go congratulate her for rocking so hard.


current mood: envious


4:52p - Pop And Grind
My brain just fizzled out on me a bit, and caused a short circuit, which caused me to remember something kind of dismaying.

Since I'm going to be in Germany for three weeks, I won't be here to wish some of you livejournalers happy birthdays.

So, happy pre-birthday to:

Richard, on July 9th, stay dainty and have a happy one!

April Marie, on July 11th, kick up your heels, forget about the wedding for a day, relax and have fun!

And, to the soon-to-be-dark-headed-but-for-now-yellow-headed-6'4"-dream-boy, on July 15th, happiest of happy birthdays and much love.

I'll be thinking of you overseas.. I just don't know if I'll be able to post about it!


current mood: guilty

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