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Thursday, October 17th, 2002
3:41p - An Imprint Of What You Do
Happiest of happy birthdays today to Kristynn and Lauren. I hope all goes well, even if it starts out rocky, you may be partying hard by the end of the night.

And Lauren, is tomorrow, Friday 10/17, a minimum day for the high school?

Zo, I didn't really get fired for fucking up that lady's car. I quit. I resigned, tearfully. You should see what this job has done to me physically. I could describe it, but I'm not sure all of you have your sick bags ready.

Also, the reason I told the tale of fucking up that lady's car is because that's what I told my mom, and it was really funny watching her freak out. So I thought I would give my friends here at livejournal the same wide-eyed opportunity.


I made Susana a CD, and she said that she loved it (yay!) so she made me a CD also, and it is in Spanish, I think. It reminds me of the Hindi songs that I used to beg Sosan to send me in e-mails.

Tracklist for Susana's CDCollapse )

Um. I cannot wait for Halloween.


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