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alecto - your little bluejay's Journal

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Friday, November 8th, 2002
2:01a - Meeting With Lil' Johnny
Tonight's meeting with Lil' Johnny came to no fruition. All I found out was that he's way into things that I either don't like, could care less about, or am uninformed of.

He said in his life he's always been used to being alone, and that he doesn't need friends to function. He's very smart and did all sorts of prestigious things in high school. Total boy America, and very conservative. Very Republican. Very into politics.

He's insanely busy all the time. We sat in that cafe and talked for two hours, and then he dashed off to do coursework. Not, of course, without first making sure I'd get home ok. He's a total gentleman, and any tame girl will be lucky to win him when the time comes.

Unfortunately, no matter how sweet or good-looking I think he is, I know nothing will ever come of this. I'm not the tame girl he needs, and it seems he hasn't got even a tad of wild-eyed rebel in him. It was a nice thought, while it lasted.

I thought the funniest part was when he told me that I would love one of his former professors.

"He's really eccentric, and funny." he said. "And he loves Berkeley. I know you'd love him."


current mood: disappointed


8:10p - No, Sir, That's The *Fitting* Room!!
The purple in my hair is really faded and I think I kinda like it.

It looks like it's silver underneath. Maybe I'll keep the orange all alert and just have lavender up front.

Who the hell knows?

What sexy girl are you

brought to you by Quizilla

You can't take me. I'm Santa Claus.


current mood: uuuhhhhh

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8:24p - Cookies?
All right, let's see who pays attention.

This is a bit of a contest I suppose. I am bored. Extremely. The first two people who answer this correctly will get a prize from me. I'm not going to say what it is. You can guess. You know what kind of weird shit I like to do.

Poll #74075 Where Is It

Where Is My Birthmark?

My Foot
My Head
My Ass
My Left Thigh
My Neck
My Knee
My Wrist
On My Back
On The Back Of My Arm

Good luck.


current mood: giggly

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