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The Winners Are In

Totally not what I expected.

Mech and Heather were right in guessing where my birthmark is.

It was on my head!

Look! There it is again! People constantly ask me if I was beaten and I have to grind my teeth and say, "No... that's my birthmark."

Fun Fact: When was born, the doctors thought that this was a sign of mental retardation. They had a point.

Congrats guys!. Now since I barely know Mech, maybe Michelle can tell me what kind of reward he'd like?

Edit: I just took the "What Kind Of Writer Are You?" Test. My result was that I was a 'dark writer' following in the footsteps of Poe... and the icon to represent that was a little blonde anime girl in a dark room. I found this to be entirely too funny. True, she's wearing bondage clothes, but what the fuck does that have to do with 'dark writing'?

I think this picture
would have been far more appropriate.

Also, a very smashing birthday to the darling Nina. XOXO

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