December 23rd, 2008

glossy pink thread

A Spare Bit Of Parchment

Look what someone gave me at work on Thursday!!

I think it RULES.

Also I cut and coloured my hair again because I was pissed off at Missy. Obviously, destroying shit is the answer when you are irritated with someone.

It looked like the icon before. Now it looks like this:

I managed, obviously, to get an amazing tan in the process.

All of the hair I cut off is stored inside a latex glove. I am going to start an etsy account where I sell weird things like that.

"Creepy bag of hair in glove. Real, human hair. Blonde, black, and purple. Unique gift item!"

I am so obsessed with cutting my hair that it could totally work.

I also have bits of coloured scab from when my tattoo was healing. Missy has them right now, but I can steal them back. I have a nice box that those could go in. Real human skin!!

For sale soon, on an internet near you.

I need to stop cutting my fucking hair.

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