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The Owls Are Going Nuts Tonight.

And that would make sense because 1) they're nocturnal, and 2) all of their babies have just hatched, so they're all foraging in the park and causing a ruckus. What's the ruckus, Zorak?

"She moves and it's fire (Fire underwater)
Speaks of its flame (She speaks my name)
Well they all really want you (Oooh, ooo, ooh)
If only you had wanted them...

Lights move in the chalk lines
Chains that define who I am
Here we are again...

How could I have thought? (Always she's driving)
How could I have known? (Right through the strangest calling)
I should have known. (Straight through the sound)
Gramarye I've found. (See how she's driving me down.)"

Ahh nothing to take the tension off like a bit of Remy Zero in the technical morning.

So I went to Catarina's birthday party tonight (well, last night if you want to get all technical) and watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer (the movie, thank you very much). That was the first time she and Anissa had ever seen it and that is a shocking thing indeed. I guess they weren't too hot on it because they didn't grow up with it the way that I did.

When I came home I found two very pleasant messages on my machine. One was from Christina who asked if I wanted to go with her to the last Armory show of the year. I didn't want to go, and being as truthful as I can, I didn't want to go because Matt was going to be there fo sho and I didn't want to see him. I love Christina though.

The second message was from Josh and Lindsay the movie star. They wanted to know if I wanted to come with them to get some din-din at .... where else? Fresh Choice. Ha ha! That place still lives in notoriety in my book. That's where I met Griffith a while back and played the fool and gave him my phone number. And speaking of phone numbers... mine hasn't been dialed by Bryan in quite a few days and I'm starting to wonder whether or not he's still alive.

Thirdly, I guess I wasn't meant to leave the party as early as I did because I went home and found myself in high spirits and wanting to enjoy the company of others. So I finally did what I had been meaning to do on June first which was go and see Moulin Rouge, and now I am home for the evening. I wish I would never have left Catarina's party though. Now I feel bad. I just thought I'd be depressed all night. So much for ever planning the future again. Aargh.

When we were outside of Catarina's house today the pizza delivery boy drove up in his little pick-up and he looked really familiar. I couldn't remember why I knew his face. (I'm really bad at remembering faces, also hooking names to them is a task) His name was Robert. The reason he looked familiar because we had a brief conversation this week when I snuck into his ceramics class to... I don't know what my aim was, really. I just snuck in there and then we hot-glued a skittle to the doorjamb. But yeah... he's the heart's desire of my friend Jessica, and I have a feeling now that she knows he's a delivery boy she'll be ordering pizza more often.

I am such a girl.
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