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God Damn You.

They all hang out and find funny things. They tell me about the funny things, and everyone else knows about the funny things too. People I don't even know right in the middle, in Nebraska, know about the funny things and I still can't hear it. I still haven't heard it. I want the funny things. America Online even advertises the funny things.

This is what happens when you are a loser like me, who is stuck on things from the 30's, barely has a radio, and never leaves the house.

I want to be pretty like the girls who hear funny things, like the girls who live in Nebraska, like the girls on livejournal who will always outshine me by a million, like the girls who I will never hate for being so pretty because I love them so much.

Posting every five minutes in the hopes that someone will come out and play. Someone come buy ice cream from me.

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