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I Want To Know Who's Gonna Save Me

Happy Birthday Christelle! Much love and drunken humour... and SUSHI!

Woah, look at me. I am Katie the wondergirl and I have two jobs now. Maybe my name should be KATIE KAMIKAZE. Yes, I fly planes into things to win wars, and kill myself, all in the name of good King Arthur, long live the King!

Anyone want to donate me money? I need an energy drink for work. The fluorescent lights take away my powers. Yeah. Two jobs. And I still have weird hair. And a third person called me yesterday from a clothing store, asking me to be ASSISTANT MANAGER!! I told you they needed me more than I need them. It has been a turbulent yesterday, but the lightning is practically burned into my skin already.

(You must forgive me, I am still giddy from my conversations with ♥ Rae and ♥ Rube. I love them dearly. DEARLY.)

Rube gives me wonderful reading material, and stitches-in-my-side conversations.
Rae gives me fantastic ideas, and a heart all swollen with sappiness that is ok, because we rule.

I'm feeling very appreciative at the moment.

I would like to thank Miss B, just for being the coolest woman ever. EVER. I wouldn't send a Rasputina CD to the state of my birth for just anyone!

I would like to thank The Adorable Lady Lizzle for calling me unique! It makes me feel tons better that at least someone in this world doesn't think I am a boring shit. Thank you, you are a DEAR!!

And Mr. Jess, I would like to thank you for always being there for me, and reading my stupid posts, and even taking time to comment on them, even though they are STUPID!! I love you. We must go to Salt Lake City and stalk Donny Osmond, and don't worry, I will bring lots and lots of money.

Also, Miss M, I would like to thank you for being patient with me in sending your obscenely belated birthday present. It means a lot. I want to hug you.

And of course, my dearest Regina, because I spent last Thanksgiving hiding out on livejournal instead of being with the fam, and you posted one of your lovely heart-warming tales and gave me something to read. I love reading your stuff it makes me all gooey all the time. Like an old grandma.

Ok, now I am just being obnoxious. But I would like to say that Donny Osmond gives me the school-girl stomach flutters. I am seriously in love with him. Thank the lord that Mormons are polygamists.

I have two jobs. And LJ fucked up my NaNoWriMo by deleting like 1,000 direly needed words. I am so behind! I forgot about it for like 17 days! But I have two jobs. And my novel is all STUPID anyway.

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

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