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It's Not Disappearing If You Give Advanced Notice.

I would just like to make one thing clear: in the previous post, "disappearing" had nothing to do with suicide or anything of that sort. Merely, disappearing... just going away. Moving out in the middle of the night, leaving.

That being said, the wish to disappear has faded a bit. I met the most wonderful bunch of people last night.

1) Starr. Wonderfully dressed in a suit-shirt with a tie & skirt (which is my new favourite sort of outfit). Her hair was in dreads (colour me jealous), and she donned goggles, using them as a headband. Tres cute. Plus, not only was she adorable, she was nice. This I know to be the truth, since she was having a bad night and very well would have had an excuse to be bitchy, and yet she was still sweet. A+

2) Ryoga. This takes a bit of explaining... I had known him before... and I never thought I would see him again. When I was a sophomore, as a joke my friend Christina had bought us and her cousin Backstreet Boys tickets. The seats were horrible, but we had tons of fun. I wore silver pants and a black shirt that I made that said, "Backstreet Boys" in rhinestones on it. A bunch of little girls pointed me out during the show, and I was accosted by moms, wanting to know where I purchased the shirt. They were quite put out when I told them I'd made it. Anyway, I was the only one in the place with pink hair. After the concert, Christina, her cousin and I were waiting for a ride from her mother. Up rides this guy on a bike with a carriage trailing behind him, wearing an awesome outfit. A gas mask, a jester's hat, and other such fun things. What impressed me most was that he had old skool Nintendo controllers attached to the sleeves of his shirt. Also, that he gave us the time of day. I thought he was so cool that I asked him for his phone number, and he gave it to me, even though all I had to write it with was eyeliner, and he said he hated writing in eyeliner. That was in San Jose, I never thought I would hear from him again. Flash forward to last night. I'm standing outside and I see a guy that looks like what I remember of him. I go forward and ask, "Is your name Ryoga?" and it was. He thought it was cool that I remembered him, and we hung out all night. We also have plans to hang out tomorrow. A+

3) Valerie + Jena. Two very fun girls that invited me to an all-girls sleep-over right off. Valerie owns a VW GTI VR6, so of course, one has to be impressed. Valerie has tattoos of Jack Skellington and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas and smells really good, sort of like Vapo-Rub, and she has pink hair to boot. Later on, when we were all dancing, we started up one of those high-pitched bouts of "Ooh-Ooh!" that you'd normally hear in disco or bad pop. Very very fun. I love people that can be kids. A+

4) Cecil. What a sweetheart. I actually met her last week, while I was sick in the bathroom. I was sitting in the handicapped bathroom, just waiting for the moment that I would vomit, and she pushed the door open, saw me, and shreiked, "I'm sorry!" It was really cute. But I did get better, and we danced. She's a great dancer, and I am envious that I cannot move like her. Her movements are fluid and she sort of looks like a raver/In Living Colour fly girl when she dances. Here comes the best part: She's so nice that she told me she feels like when me and Ryoga come onto the dance floor with her, we bring such good energy that she feels like she can just let go. Sweet, sweet, sweet. Ah! And she might come to the next Tourette's, and so might Ryoga. A+

Also, new hair:

(And already, the comments have started to roll in. A woman approached me at Macy's: "I'm sorry, I thought you were Kelly Osborne." I wanted to say, "No, she lives in So. Cal.")

Um, my hair is pink now, and sometimes I forget to wear shoes, and my boyfriend calls me Lil' Mama.

So like, we were at the mediaevil banquet, and Charles like wrote the wrong name on his thing, it was supposed to say, "Percival the Powerful" and instead, he wrote "Ye Old Lord" and that's true.

Come buy ice cream from me, look into my eyes. You cannot resist giving me big tips and then telling me it's ok that I don't sing!

I go clubbing. I got that dress in the picture for $9.98 cos I'm a cunning shopper. I'm wearing a cross and a pentagram at the same time. I am too chubby to wear clothes like that but I don't give a shit.

I cut my bangs, put on my game face, found a fly dress, and I was out the do'.

Poll #78868 What Do You Think?

Well, what the fuck do you think of the new colour?

Stop posting pictures of yourself, you ugly simp.
The hair is ok.
It's fab, I love it!
Pink?! What are you? Trendy?
That is the most revolting thing I have ever seen.
You kind of look like Michael Jackson.
It's good, but you should have stuck with the purple + orange.
Why don't you ever do any colours I want?
Haha! You are one crazy muthafucka!

1) My hair looks funny because the places that were purple are dark and the places that were orange are bright...

2) It glows in the blacklight

3) It makes me feel like a natural woman.

I get to drive all the way to Pollock Pines by myself. I am making mad CD's to keep me company.

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