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Rayden: Eternal Life

Ok, so Rayden, it has been established, possesses eternal life. So how come in the game, he passes out, and just doesn't kill everyone and prove his supreme God-hood? Maybe he's just virtuous and likes to be fair, so he puts it aside and fights like a mortal? Some of the other characters could learn a thing or two from him.

Anyway-- the real reason I am posting this is because I discovered something rather interesting: my hair is *so* faded that the green has actually become pastel, spring, lambs-floating-in-the-grass, toilet-paper commercial green.

Like an easter egg. I'm not sure if I like it, or if it disturbs me, but my hair is too long to do anything with now because 1) It's too expensive, two bottles of dye for one job and etc, and 2) It takes too long because there is too much hair. When it was all jagged and earlength and bed-headed I was a much happier girl.

I'm thinking of maybe doing a subtle mohawk... shaving the sides and letting them grow out my natural colour and then keeping play with the long part. It wouldn't be a spiky mohawk though... it would be like, big and bouffant and sort of Robert Smith-esque, and I think I would keep my "side-burns" as long as they are [I know girls don't have sideburns... but that part of our hair that we keep down from ponytails that is right near our ears]. I wish I could find a picture, but I don't know what that hairstyle is called.

[Edit: I went looking for a picture. Apparently nobody has ever had that hairstyle before.. (yeah right... or they just don't post pics on the internet) so I will now draw one in photoshop for your comedy and demonstrative pleasures.]

Or I could be a boring fuck and get a colour-fill so that it grows out my natural colour and I just let it get super-long and never touch it again.

[Yeah, like that'll happen].


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