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The Ring In My Ears From Playing Too Loud

I hear the ocean, I hear the crowd.

So, if I told you that I've been struggling with a coke addiction that began as no big deal but I am now using to keep my sanity, what advice would you give me?

Denial is the first sign of a problem.

And by the way, I'm not an alcoholic. No, really. In the past two weeks, I have only consumed 2 Miller High Life beers, and 1.5 bottles of Cook's. This does not an alcoholic make. If it were in the past two nights, things would be different, I assure you.

Plans for tonight are sketchy. I proposed to my mother that we watch 8 Mile together (excuse me while I think of Eminem and get hard) and get pizza. Or there is more Cook's consumption and movies like Silence Of The Lambs or Glitter with the goon, or... if I find money-/-have money bestowed upon me by the parents, I could go visit friends in far off places (milkshakes, anyone?), or I could just stay here and get drunk because my mom lets me do things like that. I should call Mya. I've got my video camera.

There's also a lovely lass in Concord who I would like to see! Alas, she is probably busy. Another day. Many Cheez Doodles and martinis. I think that's the most splendid idea ever.

And if none of that works, perhaps some other kind livejournalers can throw me some bones? I promise to chew on them like a dog. The bones, not the livejournalers... though maybe both, if I later feel so inclined.

The next week or so will surely be daffy times over this way. I have befriended some v. nice pills and all. I'm turning out like everyone in high school knew I would. I don't call it substance abuse! I call it, "I'm young, and there's a war on, and I should live it up before we get bombed and I lose an arm and can no longer smoke and drink simultaneously".

Actually... I think it's time I dug up the Ameritrash list so I can add more to it. That list was great.

I know that it's not good to be posting pictures of oneself, but I swear to oh holy Fiona that this is my favourite picture of me ever. Which is dumb, but I know everyone has a favourite picture of themselves, and this is mine.

So look below, if you dare!


I paid for five dollars and sixty cents of gas in Daly City this morning using only quarters and dimes. I looked all fucked up, so the guy probably thought I had issues. Either way, I put all the change onto the counter in the shape of a star, and got a smile out of him. I got to hear him talking in foreign on the phone before I left, and I got to listen to Koot in the car.

This next week is looking very auspicious indeed! *eyes all aglow*

I don't like it when my friends that are guys get involved in serious relationships with girls. They turn into such pussies.

To any guy I've dated and turned into a pussy: I'm very sorry. I promise, I won't date anymore.

Then you've got the guys that were pussies to begin with *coughtraviscough* and then when you turn them into the pussy queen, they get all pissed because it's so obvious that they can no longer ignore it, so they hit you, in true pussy fashion. I need to stop saying that word, it's hideous.

And speaking of hideous, I actually think I saw Travis on 80 this morning, in a red truck. I almost barfed, and had to swerve into the carpool lane. I apologise most sincerely to the silver Alero... but you were going too slow anyway, sucka.

Also, I forgot to mention that I was on 80 because I was driving home from Chris' house. I went to visit Chris. I gave Chris a bag of stuff. I woke Chris up early. Chris turned off his computer so I could sleep. I told Chris about Derin and Goon and being downtown with Kayla.

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