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I'm That Space-Man You Met...

All right, I know I have been posting too much, but this is really important and needs to be documented. If you disagree... see ya, wouldn't wanna be ya!

I am so utterly excited and happy beyond words. While I slept today, I received the most glorious phone call in the world from my favourite!

How does she have the cutest voice in the whole damn world? I got so excited and started giggling like mad, and programmed what I believe to be her cell phone number into my phone.

It sucks though, because now I'm afraid to call her because I have this scary, deep man-voice and I'm afraid she'll be very put out.

Speaking of voices and the joy of sharing them... a while ago I asked for people to send me wavs, and a few very gracious souls did, and a few even more gracious souls were able to call me up on the telephone (and I called some as well, from Santa Maria).

As you've all probably presumed by now, I am fascinated by human voices, especially if I've seen pictures (like here on LJ) but never had a voice to attach it to. So, your mission, if you should choose to accept it, is to make a 10-30 second .wav or .mp3 file of yourself speaking, screaming, whatever you feel like, and send it to

Also, be sure to put something like: "james bond .wavs for pollytrance" as the subject line so that I don't think it's some stupid bullshit and erase it accidentally.

Please, please do it. I'm begging you! You saw how happy I was when I got a surprise message from my favourite (I'm not sure if I'm allowed to say her real name... she was avoiding real names for a while), so if you contributed to my mission, I'd likely to be so overjoyed that there would be combustion of some sort. Probably a head explosion. Isn't that worth it?

I think so! [Why does this sound like a used car commercial?]

Oh, and a special note to kungfoogirl, I remember a while back we agreed that I was to get pictures of random people holding a sign that said, "Hello, Christina" or something along those lines for your hello project. I think that will be my mission for tonight, and I can pledge at least 5 people, if not more.

And if I do, will you send me a .wav?

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