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I Can See Clearly Now

Ugh. I feel like shit. I don't know exactly why. I guess it has to do with the way things are going in terms of my social interaction. I want to go back up to the Marin Headlands and make a REAL video, where there aren't a bunch of drugged-out little bastards making high pitched whale noises in the tunnel of no return. Bastards. It could have been really cool, but I promised Josh that I'd cut the sound out and give him a tape of it so he can use it for projections behind the stage when he starts his own band. There were a bunch of chalk lines and my name was even up on the wall, and it wasn't my doing. There was a really frightening pit filled with some murky water, we don't know how deep, it was nighttime and none of us were that brave or that prepared to die or get really cold. That was an excellent night though. That was in February. Lindsay the movie star was there. We were all wearing really cool clothes. Clothes that look like the clothes you only dream of wearing. That's the only way I can describe it. I want to put some braids in my hair tonight and then rat it up really big tomorrow so I look 80's retro junkie chic. Sex and the City was good tonight, and I know I said I was swearing off it, but I just can't help myself sometimes. Only half an hour to go until I get to mingle with Tad and that will be spectacular. I feel like writing Lauren or someone a letter.

The sweetest thing was that tonight when I was looking for my Tom Cochrane CD (which is still lost AAARRRGGGHHH!!) I found my silver change-purse with the fairy on it and inside was a little packet of Reese's Pieces. That was from back in the day when that was my favourite candy... it was after I had left my change-purse at Travis' house and we got in a fight. He drove over to give it back and he left those inside for me. Sometimes he's like the most perfect boy I could ever ask for. Then others... we clash completely. I dunno what the deal is. Nothing can ever be comfortable.
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