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Karaoke Guy, Karaoke Guy, Karaoke Guy!

Ah! I am a one-woman non-stop party. It's the truth. Ask Donny Osmond.

Mike makes fun of me because I like the "Can I write a check" Yao guy. I'm a sucka for basketball players, what can I say?

If I ever get famous, I'm going to play "Runnin'" and make all my fans dance to it every show. Hopefully they'll let me have some .. you know.. the copyright permission to play it at the show, and why not? I bet I'd have a "diverse" following and they'd like the exposure.

"C'd I write a check?"


and PS-- Everyone should download "Runnin'" by Basstoy. If nothing else, you'll always have an obscure, cheesy dance track for parties.

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