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Vicarious Living Gets Me Down

"I got it sleeping rough on the streets in the rain
I got it learning to share my peoples' pain
I got it making flowers grow in hearts of stone
I got it 'cos I always took the long way home."

I'm restless, and Concord's got a 24-hour Safeway. I hate to stray from the way originally planned, and I've been away; berate me another day.

I wanted to go to Safeway to get supplies to make chocolate chip cookies. I had a dream that I bought the supplies with the goon, but when it came to making them, it was with my mom. We talked about movie rentals, and how it was $8.99 a movie, even though the selection sucked.

I opened the huge bag of sugar, and inside was pepper. This is how my life is. I want to reach my destination before the sun comes up. Going the other way will kill my head, but I've gotta do it.

There's an intensity burning in my veins that I'd long since forgotten and something needs to be done with it right now. Mostly, I don't know how to operate a telephone, but tonight I will have skills.

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