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Is He A Real Pool-Shark, And Can He Shake It Like Elvis?

I love this boy!!

We are going to dinner and a movie tonight, and he never hesitates to scratch out my head when I'm ailing.


He thinks it's cute when I drool in my sleep. We can hang out anywhere for hours and he's happy with it because we're together. Even if we're not together in the dating sense. He's not jealous of my friends that are guys and thinks they're really cool.

He's my fucking best friend ever, and we're going to know each other for the rest of our lives.


I got to see Holes two weeks early last night. I was very excited because I've read the book twenty million times, and actually Stefan and I read it together about two weeks ago to prepare, after we saw Willard.

He wanted to see it with me on opening day, but when he found out that I got to see it yesterday, he was happy for me. He called me a lucky bastard, but didn't feel slighted. He and my mom often have to fight over my company when it comes to the opening days of childrens' movies.

After I got home, all I could talk about was how fucking adorable Zero was. He's a micro-G. He says, "'sup".


I know I talked to some people before I went to bed but I can't really remember what I said because I was *so* tired and paralysed with the pain of my illness. Goon will laugh and play with me when I'm like that. He makes sure I don't fall on my face when I'm drunk. He doesn't pay attention to anything off-putting I say when I'm half-asleep. (Quite often I will call him things like *ass-bitch* and then cackle, and he laughs and says, "Katie, don't say those words, they're bad")


He's funny!


Does these really endearing, child-like things. Sweet. He gets the door for you. Nicole and I refer to him as "our baby" and we feel the need to protect him from the evils of the world.

Only when he is tainted by Earthly drink or drug is he anything short of an angel.

And he cries with me at sad movies.

disclaimer: I've been feeling really quite like crap lately, and I've said and done some mean things to him... so I'm taking this opportunity to say that I'm sorry and that I've been quite the cunt-lord.

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