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Keep Your Nails Painted, Baby, And Keep Your Lips Rouged

This weekend started off a bit slow and melancholy but proved to be one of dazzling good times that were needed to pull me out of the gloom.

Friday, Velocity where I got to watch the ghetto people be ghetto.

Saturday, I struggled to get ready to go have a night of drunken fun at Steve's house.. instead I got sick and arrived an hour and a half late. Luckily, I was forgiven and we watched some crap television, two hysterical episodes of Scare Tactics, got smashed, smoked, tormented the cat, went to Safeway and wore a plastic bag over my head, were interrogated at Hollywood video by a cute female clerk about Steve's piercings, played on the computer, and I even got to take advantage of his mirrored living-room.

I took the new cat-defense marker [dry erase, for those of you not hip to the jive] and scrawled "Sean is fragile-- like a grandpa" on the mirror closest to the couch. I was under the impression that he would not be returning home, and when he came home and saw it, he demanded we tell him WHY he was fragile like a grandpa. Steve and I shook with laughter on the couch.

After that I can't really remember much of what happened except that I listened to "Dream On" while I fell asleep. Oh! And I discovered that the lack of caffeine in my life [and drugs in general] has brought my tolerance way down. I only barely finished half of the bottle and my lips and nose went numb. What a loser I am.

The next day, Sunday, I awoke, slightly hungover, and spent far too long in the bathroom trying to glamourise myself. It didn't work of course, but at least I tried, and bore glitter on my eyelids. It took away from the unsightly bags. Shortly thereafter, having downed a crisp glass of Brita water, Steve walked me to my car, gave me a hug, bid my farewell, and I began the journey to Rowen's.

She was still in the process of glamourising when I arrived, so I sat in the bathroom and watched her put on eye-shadow. I love watching people do their make-up. After a bit of playing with her hair, she bestowed upon me some fruit snacks and we got into her car and headed to a nice Vietnamese lunch.

[I have never eaten Vietnamese food before, so naturally I was scared out of my mind, but I ordered a dish that looked the least scary, and was rather pleased. Thank-you, Rowen, for exposing me :D]

We drove around, talked a lot, and eventually ended up at the Metreon to see Chicago. I liked the outfits and the choreography, but Richard Gere and some of the music got on my nerves. However, before the feature they played a preview for Holes, so in the end, it was all worth it.

After that, we traveled to the supermarket in search of pizza and stimulating foods so that Rowen could do her homework, and in a weird twist of fate, I was able to meet her "wee" mother. All in all, a lovely Sunday spent well with someone whose company I rather enjoy.


I had to save the best for last! As we were driving around in search of pizza, two jay-walking criminal men were in the middle of the road, and we almost ran them down. Rowen said she gets distracted and when she looks at things, and if she's concentrating on them, she'll drive toward them. She ended up swerving, and while at the time, it was probably more scary than funny to her, I couldn't stop laughing. I was laughing so hard that I couldn't talk or breathe.

"That will teach them to jay-walk!" she exclaimed, and laughed a bit. It was the coolest thing in a long time.

This weekend was the type of time I used to have all last summer when nothing mattered except the right-this-minute. Smiles adorned many faces. The coming summer holds promise, and I am excited that I've got a little bit of something to be optimistic about.

This weekend felt like the word Mr. Dillow taught us about that doesn't really translate. I think it was Gemutlichkeit, except there are umlauts over the "u" and I don't know how I'd go about typing that. It was wonderful and necessary. Thank you to all who made it the wonderful thing it was, specifically Rowen, Steve, and Stefan.

And, for all of you who can't stand LJ entries that have nothing to do with you, put these two words in a sentence together:

wee and booze.

Best sentence gets [wouldn't you like to know!].

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