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Something About The Raffle

Guess what?

I am loved hella.

Last night, I went over to Goon's for movies and pizza, and guess what he surprised me with?? A fresh pack of cloves and the new Cosmo-Girl.

I know what you're thinking. What the fuck is Katie doing getting excited about trashy teenaged literature such as Cosmo-Girl? Well, I'll tell you.

When I was grocery shopping with Rowen, she pointed it out to me.

My friend Amanda used to get Cosmo-Girl and it had stickers inside. Stickers with Nelly, Mark McGrath, Cameron Diaz, and with little catch-phrases like "I ♥ Hip-Hop"... not to mention a bunch of stickers of whoever was on the cover.

I snatched it up, desperate to find the stickers of this issue. Why?

Eminem is on the cover!!!

He risked the embarrassment of buying a girly magazine at a store in a town where everybody knows everybody's business just for me.

Not to mention he watched me drool over the magazine and get hard because there is a particular picture within the folds of this issue where Mr. Mathers is laying on a couch wearing dog tags and looking all sexy.

Unfortunately, they have apparently discontinued the stickers. No matter. I've got the issue.

If you'll excuse me...

And, for all of you who can't stand LJ entries that have nothing to do with you, put these two words in a sentence together:




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