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A Little More Action

I am so bored that I have resorted to photoshopping pictures and then posting them. Someone save me. Call my house phone. Willing to drive.

I'm not responsible for leading you to the darkside.

Caption this. Be as dirty as you want. I know what that smirk means.

Oh! Yes! Just like that! I think that's what this one says.

The other day I accidentally dropped the curling iron on my face because I think I was trying to watch TV at the same time. It left a fucking scab. The birthmark is going to be with me for life. Funny that they ended up on the same side.

"I'm angry because I can't spell!"

I think this one's my favourite. I look like one of those creatures that Ursula turned the merpeople into when they couldn't keep their ends of the bargain. Plus I really love fucking with the colour in pictures.

For anyone who's near, or at least semi-near, holla at me. I am awake and ready to do something cool.

Phone: 707-553-8894.

I'm bored. If no one calls, there will be more pictures. I may not use a cut tag next time.

Have you ever heard that phrase "it takes one to know one"? I need to use that more often. People have called me things like "bitch" and "whore" and I really need to remember to point out the fact that if one can recognise it in me, then it must be present in themselves.

I want the Holes soundtrack.

Speaking of Holes, I saw it again on Friday, with the Goon, who I had been torturing.

It was rather cruel, but kind of funny.

I'd say, "Guess what?"

"What?" he'd say.

"I saw Holes!" I'd say, in a sickening chipper, happy voice.

"Shut-up," he'd say, and scrunch his face up in disgust.

Chevy's on Wednesday with Nicole. Must come up with money. Must find job.


I know I'll never be able to get the money together on time. I want that car. It is my homosexual erotic xxx dream.

I like this song, because it's done in a mocking tone that I never noticed before.

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